chatbot platform for ecommerce

While there’s still a lot of work happening on the automation front with the help of artificial technology and machine learning, chatbots can be broadly categorized into 3 types. Comparisons have found that chatbots are easy to scale, handling more than thousands of queries a day, at a much lesser cost than hiring as many live agents to do the same. Now let’s tell you a little about why brands as big as Nykaa, who can have a team of agents to reply to their customer queries, are using chatbots.

Can chatbot be used for eCommerce?

As eCommerce businesses embrace the importance of conversational marketing, they also realise how crucial it is to have eCommerce chatbots on their website. eCommerce chatbots can be used for anything to start automated conversations about topics such as product suggestions, one to one shopping or customer service.

Keeping online shoppers satisfied with your services is the most effective way to build customer loyalty. By providing customers with personalized conversations and facilitating engagement, chatbots are a great tool to make your customers coming back for more. You can use these data to enhance customers service in the future.

Step 1: Decide what kind of service you need your chatbot to perform

ChatterOn is a chat bot building platform which specializes in combining user conversation flow with AI and rich content elements. It’s a great bot for those that want a cheap, easy to use tool which you can get started with quickly. Flow XO is a more complete solution for building chatbots, hosting them and deploying them across different channels/platforms. Ralph chooses gift recommendations based on how a user answers questions within the bot. It starts out by asking simple questions, like location, age of the person you’re buying for, and gift budget. Argomall is an ecommerce store based in the Philippines selling consumer goods.

Plus, any information collected by the bot will also be automatically stored into your contact’s timeline, so you can learn more about the customer journey. The bots can also track goals, such as purchases and sign-ups, and chat with your customers on a range of channels, including Facebook Messenger. To help you collect data about your target audience, your chatbot will also send transcripts via email straight to your team. You can start with a template from LiveChat to create bots for different purposes. For instance, there’s a “Welcome” bot, an “Afterhours” bot, and an FAQ bot.

Data Organization with Variables

AI chatbots use advanced human-in-the-loop technology to streamline conversations. Artificial Intelligence technology cannot replace human agents on eCommerce websites. Online business owners should first understand the functions of eCommerce chatbots to select the best one. An eCommerce store should be able to do multiple tasks with properly trained AI chatbots. Chatbots can boost sales by showcasing product catalogues and enabling payments on multiple platforms, contributing to hassle-free shopping for customers. This refers to an interaction’s frictionless transition from a chatbot to a human agent.

chatbot platform for ecommerce

These rule-based chatbots give a set of questions to website visitors, chatbot visitors would select from a set of questions. If a website visitor asks questions that are different from the pre-defined responses, the chatbot might respond with a blunt ‘Sorry, I don’t understand’. When e-commerce stores are focused on generating leads and growing sales, it’s easy to lose sight of the personal touch. The simple truth is that people return to brands they know and trust to give the best buying experience. By offering live chat on your website, you can transform transactional experiences into memorable and pleasant human ones. The real purpose of a chatbot is to engage online shoppers and help them purchase a product.


The virtual stylist is far more exciting, helping users find the right style, fit, rise, and even stretch of jeans. If the user fails to complete the process, they’re retargeted within 24 hours with a friendly Facebook message asking if they need more help. With this information, Ralph suggests a handful of Lego toy sets. Users can click on the set to be transferred straight to their shopping basket on the Lego site, from where they can quickly buy the set. Help shoppers discover which products are right for them without having to navigate your entire site.

chatbot platform for ecommerce

Chatbots also become your personal shopper who helps you decide what will suit you better. They recommend products or clothes that either match your preferences from previous purchases or your needs. H&M’s has created a chatbot performing the functionalities of a personal shopper, you’ll understand the context better. These are some of the frequently asked questions that your chatbot answers instantly. You don’t need a human agent getting all worked up for common questions like these.

Meet SleekFlow AI, ChatGPT and GPT-4 for customer support

Or, perhaps you’d like to use it to drive sales over these channels. Make it easy for shoppers to choose the right products and get instant answers to their questions with the conversational sales & support assistant made for e-commerce. According to Gartner, 85% of customer interactions are carried out through chatbots. From upstarts to some of the most established brands, eCommerce companies have launched chatbots to alleviate friction at various parts of the customer experience. Here are our favorites amongst the best eCommerce chatbots of all time. As well as offering an automated chatbot, Gorgias helps you to level up your customer service game with all your support tickets displayed in one centralized dashboard.

AI chatbots can relieve your customer support team of some of these duties, allowing them to focus on solving more complicated problems and increasing productivity. The chatbot also included a fun game called Roll The Dice to suggest random holiday destinations which were played over 16,800 times during the initial 90-day campaign. H&M chatbot asks users a series of questions to understand their tastes and preferences.

Technologies behind AI chatbot for Conversational Commerce

Now you might think building your own ecommerce chatbot, like the above examples, is a hard task. The bot has reduced average customer wait time on social customer care channels by 38%, despite a 44% increase in total conversations. Freddy was also used in a Black Friday promotion that managed to bring in five times more daily users to the bot than average (more on this here). The eCommerce chatbot from increased Nykaa’s engagement by 2.2 times. What is assessed and acknowledged regularly quickly gets access to improve further.

chatbot platform for ecommerce

Check out the chatbot pricing and plans to choose the right one for your business. Messaging channels such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, etc have gained popularity amongst today’s digital customers. In fact, 67% of consumers prefer using messaging apps when interacting with a business.

User stats and session length

As customers interact with ContactPigeon’s chatbot, they aid it to learn from each interaction and suggest better products in the future. Customer satisfaction in eCommerce websites is important to boost sales and do more complex tasks. AI-powered chatbots do complex tasks and accelerate the buying process through the sales funnel. In case you are chatbot building system that deals with eCommerce industry, then you know how important integrations with shopping carts and marketplaces are. The key with the last 3 strategies is that these chatbot messages really follow the brand voice and sound natural.

ChatGPT and LLM-based chatbots set to improve customer … – VentureBeat

ChatGPT and LLM-based chatbots set to improve customer ….

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By using bots for customer support and even the selling of your products, there aren’t many other more cost-effective strategies out there to drive a massive ROI. Bot Burger found that 20% of customers would repeat a purchase in two weeks (or less). The bot also had other benefits including the fact that they could re-engage with customers at any time — something you can’t do with customers you acquire through a website. The bot provides HelloFresh customers with a wonderful experience and extends their engagement with the brand far beyond placing an order. ADIB ChatBanking is a step in the direction of ADIB’s overall vision of ensuring customers can bank anywhere, anytime, in the language of their choice without any hassles.’s powerful FAQ features were accurate enough to rival real-time human support; customers gave the bot identical CSAT scores – over 90% on average.

Lessons from Our Clients: How to Choose the Right Software Outsourcing Vendor

The car company Kia launched a really successful chatbot called Kian that helps customers receive information and choose the best car for them. Service chatbots provide answers to the most frequent questions. Read this chapter to learn specific chatbot strategies and tools that will propel your business to the next level.

chatbot platform for ecommerce

For example, website revamping, purchasing more goods to widen your product scope, or even launching a new marketing campaign. In short, your company can better utilize every single bit of finance resources. Ever since social media has become an inseparable element in today’s marketing, there’s a lot of hype floating around regarding chatbots. In 2016, Facebook decided to open up its Messenger platform, providing developers with API tools to build chatbots and Live Chat web plug-ins for business clients. There are over 10 thousand applications worldwide, via integrating various apps. Users can now share locations, pictures, music (Spotify), and files (Dropbox).

For example, give answers, send offers and deals, provide recommendations based on the client experience, show updates, and just be a friend to play jokes. Chatbots can respond to people on a user’s website based on their activity. In a store, a customer just browsing may be approached by salespeople who engage them and try to make a sale. Chatbots can do the same with customers on an eCommerce site, offering to answer questions and turn browsers into buyers.

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WordPress Is Launching an AI Writing Assistant.

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